The beginning of ART in heART

Formerly known as ARKITEK HATI BLOG, but had changed to ART in heART. The reason behind this transition was I'd decided to used this platform to spread positivity and knowledge MORE serious, MORE mature and MORE systematic. I use both Bahasa Melayu as well as English language in my writing and sometime I use Malayish (mix of Malay and English) - depending on situation.

I have been blogging since 2010 but I never thought it would stay this long. Alhamdulillah. Over nine years, I've met quite a number of readers came to my humble world. They read my entries, left some comments and they follow my social media. And some of them, they DM-ed me, telling they are AH's silent reader and they love all my writings. MasyaAllah. This humble world reunites beautiful ladies with beautiful heart.

I began this blog journaling since I believe BIG changes start from small step. An inch a day, one little step at one time - small but consistent is away better than one big step and stop. 

"He Who created Death and Life, that He may test which of you is best in deed: and He is the Exalted in Might, Most-Forgiving." (Q67:2)

Life is like an examination room, God is the examiner and we are the student. Getting an excellent grade is great but behaving good, working hard and fighting until the end is much more important than the grade itself. Because 'This Examiner' is not looking for the grade, He looks who is the best in deed. 

If life is described as BCD alphabet order. I probably can say we start with Born and end with Death. So in between BORN and DEATH is Choice. We will making a lot of CHOICES. And the most ideal choice is by doing good deed, being good person and spreading good vibe.

In order to make a good choice in our daily life, we have to start taking care this one small thing, if it becomes good, all body become good, if it become spoil, whole body get spoil, that is OUR HEART. But to understand our heart, it is life-learning. It takes time to deeply understand.

Because in every heart, there is an art - subjective and unique.