Anyeong! I named myself as Ainieyshah. 

Welcome to my tiny galaxy ART IN HEART. I love to be called as a blogger or storyteller. Most of the time, I would share about my experiences, travel stories, thoughts and sometimes random stuffs in my blog. I hope it can be beneficial to anyone who reads it. I studied engineering and currently furthering master in technology & informatics while working as research assistant at one of top universities in Malaysia. Nice meeting you all 😊

Any collaboration you may email me at hello[dot]ainieyshah[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you for dropping by here 💕

"Recite, and your Lord is The Most Generous, 
who taught by pen, 
taught man that which he knew not"


10 years back — the memory of this blog born in this world was still vivid. I was the happiest girl in the world for having this newborn on my hand. This blog might not have been born from my womb, but it definitely was born from my heart. Writing to me is an ART that comes from my heart. That is why I named this little creature ART in heart.

While life hits us damn hurt, let's just smile. Be brave to walk through the pain and dance in a rain because bad things were never last forever. We are not created to be a loser but a warrior in our own way."-Aineyshah