Staycation at Hotel Sovotel Putrajaya | Ainiey Review Hotel

Last week, my friends from Penang and Negeri Sembilan came to visit me at Bangi. It's been a year we didn't meet each other. So we did not want to do any physical activity and we liked to have more heart-to-heart conversation. Since Corona Virus is still everywhere, so we decide to have short staycation at Putrajaya.

I booked Sovotel Hotel a day before. Luckily, they had one last room for us. Thank God, I LOVEEEE the room so much. It is perfect place for relaxing and chilling. Even though it is in the middle of city, I still could feel the peace. 

The hotel is near to IOI Mall so if you wanna go to shopping or watching movie or food hunting, it is just 5 minute away!

They also provided Massage Chair in our room which gave extra stars for this hotel. I spent very good quality time with my friends. The view outside the window, the atmosphere, the interior design of the room were really really really nice. I will come back again for another treat. Thank you Sovotel Hotel for warm experience!

(Check out the massage chair in this video)


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!