Starting new hobby is never too late

As I am writing this post, I wish that everyone who reads this post having a very good day today. 

It's been a month since I start nurturing my new hobby. I never thought I could do a great job especially if the job requires a lot of patience to be put on. So, let me show you to my 'kids'..

new hobby gardening and planting
menanam pokok tomato
menanam daun bawang dirumah

I had a story taking care of a plant. Before my final year study started, my mom had bought a pot of plant for me. Every time I felt down, I would look at the plant, watered, and took care of its needs. Unfortunately, after a few months, I got drowned in my study and projects. I forgot about my plant and before I knew, it already wilted and died.

It is not easy to look after one's life because it requires patience, passion and consistency. One month ago, I started to plant again. This time I put some goals to be achieved. Every morning, I water the plant, check the leaves because sometimes I saw insects try to eat the leaves, and say some good words to the plant.

Planting is therapeutic. It helps me to relieve stress and find my inner peace. Throughout the month, I could see the plants were growing beautifully. From seed to plant, from no flower to a bunch of flower, from very tiny little sprout to a tall one. 

Last week, I bought a new seed. Let me show you within a week how they are growing.

menanam timun dirumah

They are growing fast!

I believe starting a new hobby at any age is never too late. World is changing, life is changing, and what lives within us should change too. Even though you want to learn something new and it may be different from what you have now, you shall do that. And it is never too late.

Learn new language. Take dance class. Go photography seminar. Write a blog. Make home bakery online class. Anything!

I knew a story of a 78-year-old man who graduated from my engineering faculty for his second degree. Mr. Mahathir became 7th prime minister of Malaysia at the age of 93 years old. And there are a lot of stories about successful people succeeding at their old age.

Life is a journey, not a competition. It is not who comes first and who comes later. Everyone has their own pace, and we should enjoy our own pace. 

If you find yourself not doing anything, then find a new hobby. If you find yourself not being happy with what you are doing, then find a new hobby. Make your hobby a place you found happiness. 

Hobby should not be fixed to one thing. It can be many, and it could change throughout the time until you find one that really suits you. And a good hobby can bring out the best version of you. So, have you found your hobby?

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