My life as engineering student | Challenges and Satisfaction

I am a graduate from University Technology of Malaysia (UTM) who studied Electical/Electronic engineering. My campus is located in the South of Peninsular Malaysia, Skudai, Johor Bahru, which is 300km away from my home. I had lived there for 4 years and graduated from the School of engineering in 2018. Living in Johor was not so much different from my hometown. So, I didn't take much time adapting to life in Johor Bahru.

Reminiscing my life as a new student (freshie) back in 2014, I was quite active with student programs and participated in many motivational talks. I met a lot of seniors from a diverse background, I made friends with students from different faculties, and I also got opportunities to organize a few programs during my involvement. So, that is the reason whenever I talk or write about anything, I would include some motivational words.

The hardest subjects in my course are, for me, the Electromagnetic Theory (EMT) class and the Digital System class. But, I love and appreciate both of my lecturers that taught these two subjects. Thank you, sir.

The best moment during my study was whenever I managed to design and develop my dummy device from scratch to a prototype. The tears and sweats were paid off. Ever since I was young, I have always pondered stuff like how remote control can change TV channel, how the internet can connect device-to-device, how voice data can be transferred through wire. So maybe one of the reason I chose engineering back then was because to feed my curiosity.

I love my university so much. I love the atmosphere, the facilities, the lecturers and the friends I had made throughout 4 years. University life is something that will teach you a lot, and it will shape you to be a person that is way mature and wiser. But, it is only happening when you open up and learn every obstacle you face must teach you something.

I faced failures, I had my bad days, I got frustrated sometimes, I thought many times to give in too. But, gratefully, I keep going. I keep going because I want to know what the ending feels like. At least I have a story for my children to tell.

Engineering is no higher than any other course. It might be tough, but you know what, everyone has different capability and endurance level. Everyone might have their reason why they choose engineering. To me, the moment I accepted my scroll, I took a responsibility to serve the community.

I ask a du'a from everyone who reads this—may I be consistent with whatever I choose to do and give everything I have back to the community.


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!