You did very well

June 19, 2020

Have you ever lost looking at your screen, while your mind is packed with many things that couldn't be expressed by word?

Hmmmm *tangan menguis papan kekunci*

I.. had thought, what if at the first place I don't exist on this earth? Does it make any different to the universe? Does it make any change in ecosystem? Does I matter to this life?

I think.. if I didn't know God years ago, I might not have the answer. I might feel so miserable looking into my life these days. I might questioning God madly and ungratefully.

I guess, I will be that kind of human if I didn't know God.

But, you know..

I... always grateful for the live I have. Being alive is a gift. No matter how difficult it is. Life is difficult, not knowing how our future will be. But, that is why it should be called 'gift', because we don't know what inside the box.

I want to continue to be grateful human. People might questioning the path we take, however it is our journey. Let we decide what we gonna do. Bring only the good experience and take the bad experience for lesson.

From 25 years old Ainiey

고셍많았어! 잘해!

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  1. keep strong sis. yes, life is a gift, and the gift will be greater with patient. In shaa Allah


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