Murah tetapi berkesan, betul ke? | Tool to remove Whitehead/Blackhead

May 30, 2020

I have trouble with whitehead since my early age of teenager. And somehow, now it’s getting quite too obvious on my skin’s surface around nose area.

I used to remove my whitehead with stainless steel loop removal. It’s quite painful but it’s quite satisfying. But now, I am addicted to this not so new device. Whitehead/Blackhead suction device. I bought with reasonable price on Shoppe cost 45MYR.

The suction is strong enough to pull out the whitehead. But, I am not so sure if it strong enough to remove the blackhead because I haven’t have one, so I didn’t try onto yet.

It comes with 6 different tubes. 

It has 3 types of mode : Slow, Moderate and Strong suction which suitable for 3 different types of skin : Oily, Neutral & Dry.

This device is rechargeable with android type cable. It can be charged by power-bank. So easy and convenient. 

Whitehead/Blackhead is not something can be easily treated but the least we can do is minimising its appearance on skin. 이거를 너무 줗아!

Hope you guys get yours too!

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