Ramadan and CoV-eidul Fitri 2020 in pandemic

This year I had Ramadan and Eidul Fitri celebration in Melaka. Before lockdown (RMO) I managed to escape to Melaka and taadaa I’ve been stucked in Melaka for 2 months plus. Luckily, my both parents is here so I am grateful enough. 

Ramadan and Eidul Fitri was obviously different. But, there were some good sides, I must say. Like, we managed to do congregation prayer every day. My father became Imam for every prayer include Tarawih prayer and Eidul Fitri prayer.

Tarawih together

Eidul Fitri prayer

My mom, me and Pooh successfully complete tadarus whole al-Quran together. Every Fajr, Zuhr and after Tarawih prayer, we will sit down and recite al-Quran together. I love this moment. Sometime, we would tadabur the verse we recite, pondering the story behind the verse of al-Quran.

Tadarus with ibu and Pooh

Unfortunately, this year my Angah and Achik were not around with us for celebrating this Ramadan and Eidul Fitri due to pandemic crisis and government’s order. However, everyone seemed to accept the fate and fact that this year we would incomplete.

This year no new baju raya, we just wore the best clothes we have. No photo raya, we don’t have the mood to take picture. The only thing I could be proud of, we had made quite a lot of homemade kuih raya. 

So basically, this was my Ramadan and Eidul Fitri celebration in 2020. Not special yet exclusive. How about you guys?

I hope to meet Ramadan again next year. InsyaAllah. 라마단 또 만나자!

Happy Eidul Fitri to every Muslim around the globe! Stay safe you guys 😘


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!