The concept of 'force' in real life

ainieyshah talks about force in life

Having conversation with Pooh before going to sleep. She is now entering to the age which she keeps on questioning and pondering about life, current world issue and what is happening around the globe. 

This is normal phase of life which everyone will going through this phase — to see the ugly side of the world.

“Why this thing happens?”

“How people could be so distressful, disgusting and terrifying?”

“What a horrible society to live in?”

“Why toxic people exists?

I have been there and I got stuck for years in that phase. I may not the best advisor she could ever have. But, there is something I could conclude from the experience of being stuck in that phase. I share... the concept of FORCE that we learnt in school.

Every matter exists on this earth has Force acting toward it. Even static matter has the 'Force' acting on it.


m: mass
a: acceleration
g: gravitational

As long as we live on earth, we, a human race is just one of the ‘matter’ among others ‘matters‘ that breathing on the earth and we have to obey the law of earth. It’s unavoidable.

Our life will keep on stumbling and hitting and bumping with ‘force’. As we move faster, greater force will coming toward us. As we stop moving, force is still existing on us.

Tests, challenges, difficulties, hardships, mood swings are The Force of life. They will keep coming as long as we live on the earth.

So, we can’t blaming the law of earth. It’s there, it’s important too. 

We can’t control things beyond our capability such as breaking law of earth but we can control things within ourselves. We can’t avoid the ‘force’ acting on us, but we can penetrate and adjust the ‘force’ within ourselves. We can control how we respond toward the ‘force’.

That is the biggest difference between humane and non-humane — which is we have choice, we have brain and we can choose how we want to live our lives.

When bad thing happens, we can choose to respond with good attitude or bad attitude. 

When unfortunate situation occurs, we can choose to stay calm or throw bad temper.

When unavoidable incident attacks, we can choose to solve in great manner or horrible manner.

We can always choose everything happens within ourselves. Difficult? No, you can train it. Your mind and soul can be trained. Don’t let the live chooses you, You choose the live.

The first concept we learn in physic class is the most basic and fundamental concept for our lives. 

Pooh seemed to understand, I hope she is. I pray for her journey turns out well. May she comes out from this phase with her own wisdom. May Allah guides.


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!