Pray for me

March 14, 2020

I have been sick since last week. I never fall sick more than five days. However this is my new record. At first I was afraid I got influenced by current virus., COVID-19. But, insyaAllah it is not. I pray for me and my family and everyone here are protected from this virus. Amin!


I feel empty lately. Not sure either I got dragged away by my sickness or it’s just a feeling. Just now, I received news about my high school friend who just passed away. Soon after I heard the news, I checked on his facebook account. I read his last post few days ago, he said “Semoga diberikan kemudahan dan kekuatan untuk mempraktikan diet ini (diet dibulan puasa)”

Who knows there will be no bulan puasa for him this year?


Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun

‘I heard your good story after you go. I hope you rest well in His blessings.’

Please pray for my well-being. I will do the same for you too ❤️

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