Malaysian in Geoje Island, South Korea

I have known Geoje Island (Pulau Geoje) since 2013, so it's been 7 years since then. I only could recall all beautiful memories when it comes to Geoje Island. I am not living here (for now), it's just my dad works in this Island so I could say Geoje Island is just like my second home.

Not many of Malaysian know about Geoje Island, it is not as famous as Jeju Island but I dare to say this place is as worth as Jeju Island. As many people know, South Korea is well-known for their amazing nature scenery, so Geoje Island is one of their treasure. The beaches, the mountain, the sea and the untouchable forest is super magnificent.

Geoje Island is located on the southern coast of Gyeongsangnam-do province, South Korea. I live in Okpo, Geoje, so it just 45 minutes away from Busan. And the largest city in Geoje Island is Gohyeon.

If you want to go to Seoul, you have to take the bus at Gohyeon terminal. It will takes 4 hours to arrive Nambu Station, Seoul. I love riding bus at night. I suddenly miss Seoul right now. I miss crispy korean chicken from Kampungku Restaurant near Myeongdong subway station. Damn, I still can taste the crispiness of chicken in my mouth. Okey, stop it! *lap air liur*

Geoje Island -> Busan (45 minutes)

Geoje Island -> Seoul (4 hours)

*riding bus*

Let me show you around how Geoje Island looks like :-)

If Malaysia, we have Jambatan Pulau Pinang that connect the Island to the mainland so Geoje Island has Busan-Geoje Fixed Link that connect the Island and the mainland. The interesting part is the Busan-Geoje Fixed Link is 8.2 km long, but only 5km is the bridge part, the other 3.2km is a tunnel that immersed under the sea. If you can imagine, there is a roadway tunnel under sea. Oh my God! How is this possible? When I first time came to this place back in 2013, I was totally shocked and amazed about the facts of Busan-Geoje Fixed Link. 60km long become 8.2km.

Ini cerita benar yang ayahanda, bonda, kakanda dan adinda semua. Belum masuk ke Geoje Island, kita akan rasa terpegun. Busan-Geoje Fixed Link ini adalah laluan yang paling pantas nak keluar masak Geoje Island. Sebelum wujud laluan ini orang Geoje menggunakan laluan ke Tongyeong atau naik boat untuk melintasi laut.

3.2km mengambil masa selama tiga minit perjalanan dalam terowong bawah laut ni, aku memang tak putus-putus rasa kagum. Hebat teknologi dan hebat idea orang Korea ni. Tapi itulah, harga yang perlu dibayar untuk menggunakan laluan yang hebat ini agak hebat juga. Huhuhu. 10'000 won terbang begitu saja.

geoje island malaysian story

I live in small town named Okpo. I will show you around how Okpo looks like. I LOVE OKPO SO MUCH! I promise to always remember this place for the rest of my life. If only I found my jodoh here........ Huhuhu. Oppa, I am here. Marry me, please.

okpo-dong malaysian live in geoje island

I love the breeze, the scenery and the smell of this place. I once said this to my mom "Okpo has its own unique smell. Whenever I miss this place, I will try to remember how the smell like."

permandangan di geoje island
permandangan bandar okpo
malam di Okpo
DSME Okpo Geoje Island
Okpo Geoje Island

Geoje Island has many shipyards around the coast. One of the largest is at Okpo, it belongs to Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) so that is why you can see there are many huge ships around the coast. I once saw a gigantic black submarine half floating on water surface. Pretty amazing!

Many foreigner from other countries come to Geoje Island for shipbuilding project, my dad is one of them. I heard news that Malaysia's Prime Minister Tun Mahathir will come to Geoje Island for official occasion to see Malaysia's shipbuilding project. I believe there will be many people interest to know about Geoje Island. I will update interesting places in Geoje Island in the next post. Hope to see you guys again.

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Who knows maybe one day I will open trip to Geoje Island for Malaysian people. Can't wait to introduce to you this wonderful place!


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