Eid Authentic Korean Cuisine | Ainiey review kedai makan

Last night I brought my lil sister to have a dinner outside. So this is our first time trying this Korean restaurant at Bangi. The place has a warm atmosphere, the music is good and the food is just nice. 

Their first restaurant is in Korea, if I’m not mistaken at iteawon. Bangi is the second branch. The owner is Korean muslim. So no worries for Halal status.

we start with dumpling as our appertizer and i choose Bibimbap as main course. I love veggie. So this meal is absolute mine. Please..put away you hand, don't touch my foodie.

Check their ig : @eid.korea.my

They have plenty delicious menu. The restaurant is very near with FynnJamal’s store. Don’t forget to check it out!


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!