February wrap-up

February is the month of love. Not because of the valentine day, but there are a lot lovely event that happened in this month.

Ibu’s & Abah’s anniversary (30th

we had barbecue and small gathering at my mom’s hometown, Melaka. My parents just came back from Geoje-si two days before. We bought something as token of appreciation. May Allah protects and enriches their love until the day they meet again in Afterlife. Amin. 30 years together.. pheww such a long journey masyaAllah. Semoga sihat selalu ibu dan abah. We all love you 😘

Zera’s wedding!

One of my girlfriends from Aras Pecah (AP) girlgroup tied the knot. I never tell you guys about my AP girlfriends, right? so.. We have five of us — me, ZSR, kikin, Zera and Yus. We met during first year of undergrad study. We lived on the same level but different room except Zera and ZSR during first year. Then we got closer throughout the years. 

So Zera is the first one off the market. She was so so soooo gorgeous during her akad nikah. Well, being a girlfriend, we laugh and cry together. Seeing her in that dress and sitting beside her husband, I realized it’s time to let go her hand to a better hand. 

“Jaga Zera elok2, muiz”
My first and last word to the man who will hold my girlfriend’s hand until the day they will be entering the door of paradise together.


Zera.. we’re all love you 😘

Yesterday, my classmate got married but I was too far away to attend her ceremony. But my wish to my lovely classmate Intan, may Allah grants you happiness and goodness not only in this dunya but also in hereafter. amin.

I currently busy with books, works and something I’ve longed for so long. But I will not share it now. InsyaAllah If Allah allows me, I will share it with you guys one fine day. As for that please make a du’a for me.



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!