Cousin conversation

One day, you will be questioned by the question you’ve questioned. Life is like globe, it's always turning around. Offered you unexpected journey which you might not have thought before. This reminds me about awkward-unexpected-why-you-grow-so-fast conversation with my little (not so little anymore) cousins.

The other day, we had small chat about some fruits and its benefit for health. We googled and found some facts about benefit of pineapple. To shorten what we discussed, one of us pointed out one fact from the screen. She said, eating pineapple can stabilize menstrual cycle period. She giggled.

"Taknak haid. Takutt.." sounded terrifying.

Then, a-innocent-boy suddenly asked,

"haid tu apa?"

"lelaki boleh haid ke?"

Fluttered by his question. I became clueless. I knew this kind of conversation would come to me at certain stage of my life. My heart was beating faster than I've known. I felt nervous to explain in proper yet understanding way. Arranging words seemed so difficult when seeing their eager-want-to-know-understandable-answer face. I tried to look cool, stay calm. Fuh fuh fuh. I shouldn't be beaten up by this simple question. Never. 

"lelaki mani kan?"

"mani tu macam mana?"

Again. I was struck by his unexpected question. Argh, should I explained about 'that' dream. Oh my gosh! Never did I thought I would been asked by that question. BECAUSE I never asked that question to any human being that existed in this world even though I wanted to ask since the day I'd known the term. But, I just didn't ask. I felt ashamed.

I knew it, when some people told me. Basically, from school and internet. Yea, I am living in conservative family. We didn't openly discuss such thing, so I have no experience. I never asked, but I eventually knew when its time came.

Kids nowadays is so open and brave. They can directly ask right to the face, which somehow I'm afraid I couldn't cope with the rapid flow. Maybe one day, I will encounter more sophisticated question - like how baby is produced, what intercourse is and all-adulthood-question. I hope when the time comes, I am ready with the answer.

Guys...please don't growing up so fast. Let me have chill life first. Curiosity always brings people to another level. So, killing curiosity is such a crime for human development especially for kids. 

Trying not to disappoint him. I tried my best to give brilliant answer.

"Mani tu macam duit. It can be withdrawn by male and female. But, you have to study hard first, get a proper job, do savings. Only then, your mani (money) can be withdrawn"

Safe answer, anyway! 😛


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!