2019’s bucket lists

i don’t know what’s waiting me ahead. i don’t know what else undiscover inside me. BUT I really wish and hope, I can survive successfully + beautifully in 2019 and onwords.

when I said ‘survive’.. I really mean it.. 2018 gave me a lesson how a caterpillar could’ve transformed to butterfly. It takes time but everything eventually would fall into place. Really.

Being ambitious is too burdening sometime but I can’t help myself from keep dreaming. Because I do believe, dream miracle-ly comes true.. sometime not as our planned but The Greatest’s. So, my 2019’s bucket lists...
  1. I want to be writer and publish my own book.
  2. I want to work in my field for satisfaction’s sake, maybe for two or three years.
  3. I want to learn how to brew coffee because one day in future, I want to open my own coffee shop + mini library in my coffee shop with my books on shelf.
  4. I want to be happy. Internally and Externally.
Happy new year, Ainiey!
Let’s work harder!


  1. Happy new year and I wish that everything you wanted will come true 😊

    Syaza | www.syazaraihanah.com


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!