To change the world is to change within us | Depression, psychology & Education

I wish I can change the world
Or at least I can change my country
Or at least I can change my community
Or at least I can change myself

What kind of changes? Why I want to change ths world?

Living in 21st century, 2018 is more challenging than living in 2008. The living cost, the work/study burden, the society problems, list of crimes, depression & mental health problem and a lot more are double (or maybe triple) than 10 years ago. And I just could not imagine what will happen in the next 10 years. What our world could be and how our next generation would survive with their life, living in the next 10 years in this same world.

I am very interested in psychology, mental health issue and education.

Living in Malaysia for almost 23 years old with multicultural families — Melayu, Chinese, Indian and Others, a lot of foreign labourers and historically we were left with different level of background education —  which the Britsh puts us like this way, did make us somehow feel different and unconnected to one another. Lets be honnest, maybe not all of us but quite a very large number of you feel the same way like I am, isn’t it?

It’s not because we hate each other but it rather we feel unconnected. Why this happens and what can we do and change about it? — does it relates to psyhcological problem?

Nowadays, I was exposed to huge numbers of mental health problem. Depression is one of biggest number I’ve encountered among many other cases. Sadly to be said, this kind of mental health also happened to very little young age — making me startle and having long deep sigh. What is so wrong with the world we are living now?


I’d just graduated from one of top five universities in Malaysia but unfortunately I am unhappy. Not because I couldn’t secure my first job before I had finished my final semester but I rather feel deeply hopeless because I have nothing ‘really’ to offer to the world and society with the knowledge I’d gained throughout 4 years of my time I spent for studying. Does 4 years of my time I spent for education means nothing? All the assignments, projects and classes didn’t make me, me?

I am not complaining but seeking the truth through writing. I want to make changes so I have to start with myself first. Blaming other would not giving solution but suggesting and implementing what can we improve, will do.

10 years past can not be used as benchmark to entilted there-is-only-one-way of success or there-is-only-one-method to attain happiness — so follow this method only. 10 years past can not be used as standard to evaluate the seriousness of mental health problem. 10 years past can not be used as guideline to eximinate human reponsive toward current problem. Because everything has changed!

World has changed, human also should’ve changed too.


Lets start with mentality and belief. These two components are very strong elements in order to change our whole life. 

Feed our mentality with positivity and feed our belief with kindness. When we give our mentality and belief by the right and real food, it will nurture and grow healthy and beautiful.

Positivity and Kindness is the right, lean and real food to feed to yourself.

From here, I pause my writing. Lets continue on the next entry. Before that, I call myself first and you — to really understand my points and concerns. Hopefully, we can make a better future for ourselves and our beloved next generation.



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!