Another heavy thought about future

September 28, 2018

I just hit 23 years old and I am not very happy with that. I don’t know why, I feel so lost and miserable. Did puberty just crash me again? Huh. I am 23 and I don’t know what to do. I just got my degree but I don’t know where to go. Seriously, I don’t know. All the plans I’d made it just didn’t work 😭

Every night I think about my future journey. I don’t see myself with my own desk at one of engineering company. I don’t feel I would go to that path. I just don’t feel ir. Huh.

Did anyone can help me to figure out which way I should go? Or actually I’d already have the clue but I just felt so backward to give a try. Or I am such a coward. Or I am afraid of failure 😭 Or I am lazy like hella.

Help me, Rabb


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