Ramadhan Diary | A.I.M

1 Ramadhan 1439

To start my very first post for ramadhan reflection, I would to humbly say my gratitude for getting another chance to be given breathing in this holy month of ramadhan. Alhamdulillah. For this first post, i just want to share a story I’d heard from my kakak usrah.

This story about two men who converted to Islam together. One died as syahideen and another one died a year after his friend in regular condition. But, on the day of judgement, the one who died a year latter will enter the jannah slightly earlier than the syahideen one.

Here the story goes..


Talha ibn ‘Ubaydallah (ra) reported that two men came to the Prophet (saw) who had accepted Islam at the same time. One of them used to partake in Jihad more-so than the other one, and so came oneday he fought in a battle and was martyred therein (syahid). The other  one remained behind him for another year, and then he passed away.

Talha said, 
“I saw in my dream that I was at the door of Paradise when behold, I was with both of them (the two men). Someone came out of Paradise and allowed the man who passed away later to enter first. Then he came out again and allowed the martyred (syahideen) one to enter. Then he returned and said to me, ‘Go back, for your time has not come yet.”

Talha woke up from his sleep and began to inform others about his dream and they were all surprised. This reached the Messenger of Allah (saw) and when they informed him about this story

Rasulullah (saw) said, 
“What are you surprised about?” 

They said, 
“O Messenger of Allah! Out of them both, this one strove harder (in Jihad) then he was martyred, but this other one was entered into Jannah before the syahideen one. How could this happen ya Rasulullah? Isn’t the syahideen one has the highest position among other people?”

Rasulullah (saw) said, 
“Did he (the syahideen) not remain behind him for one year?”

They said, 
“Yes (he did).”

Rasulullah (saw)said, 
“Did he (the syahideen) not reach and witness Ramadhan, fast and pray with such and such number of prostrations in the year?”

They said, 

Rasulullah (saw) said, 
“So the difference between them is greater than what is between the heavens and the earth.”


From this story, I reflect that it is such a huge honour for people who has been given opportunity to reach and enter to this holy month. The difference between that two people is just one ramadhan. Allah really elevate the position of His slave who is truly submitted their heart, life and soul just to get His mercy and love in this month.

Maybe some of you will think, ‘nay, i don’t care who enter first, who enter next, as long as we can enter jannah’

But for true believer and love seeker, they will care much. Let say, oneday you meet with your perfect person that you long for and you have fallen in love to the person. Day by day, you have waited so long just to meet eye-to-eye with that person. Then oneday the person you’ve loved, want to meet you in a beautiful amazing place privately. BUT there is not only you that have fallen in love with that person. There are some other people have the same feeling like you. Don’t you think it is such an honour if that person choose to meet you first than the other people? 

So same goes with the story 😊

Ramadhan is a platform to get the first class ticket to meet Allah in person oneday.

I really hope, this ramadhan will teaches us to be as taqwa as possible and may Allah helps us to attain khusyuk and istiqomah in any ibadah we do in this holy month and may it continues forever. Please enjoy this ramadhan to the fullest. Ignite it with fire of love and humility. Don’t forget to read quran and give sedeqah and speak good to everyone. I hope we will do better this year. InsyaAllah.

Okey, meet me on next ramadhan reflection insyaAllah. Please pray for me. I definitely will pray for everyone who read my post. May you guys find what you need and long for in this month of ramadhan.

This month is good starter to start new habbit and good ender to break bad habbit. Set your goal, aim your vission and shot the best!

Till next time,


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!