Malaysia Baru

Congratulation for Pakatan Harapan for winning General Election 14 on 9 May 2018. For the first time since 60 years ago, opposition party (now ruling party) wins Malaysia election. And this winning is people’s winning. We wanted the change and we have it. And I am one of them. Doing job for waking up my fellow friends to take part with this election was a never ending job. Explaining why our choice is so important for our future was tiring argument. I dont care whom they choose but as long as they make a choice it is more than enough.

Having 93 years old as my prime minister is such an honour but still feel quite sad because at the age of 93 he still need to work. He is our 4th prime minister and now become our 7th prime minister. 

We made a history. We made the world wake up and understand that people’s power is powerful. I honourably can tell my children about this new Malaysia’s history.



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