Developing new skill


Hi guys! How are you been doing? Hope you guys are doing well. It's been weeks since my last updated on my blog. Oh dear, I miss so much this blog! I keep thinking to update new post and pour my thoughts but I am quite unproductive these days so please forgive me!

Okey, first of all, it's already March! Ohmy! It's just a blink of eye and we are already in the third month in 2018. Be honest, what have you guys done throughout this year? Have you guys achieved what been set since early of this year? Have you guys lost the weight that been targeted since early of this year? I hope you guys did. InsyaAllah.

I want to share one of my progression associated with my resolution for this year. I am so proud of myself because I can't believe I can do it. For years, I really want to learn (and master) in using Adobe Photoshop because before this I usually editing picture and designing template using pixlr which has very limited tool. So, this year, one of my target skill I want to develop my skill in editing picture, designing template and creating video using Adobe since I already have the software now.

I am so excited but sometime a bit impatient while using Adobe. Hahaha. I know skill can't be develop in second. It must has continuous progressing and excising. 

I hope you guys strive what you guys always want. Don't give up! Do it for yourself and make your old self proud of you. Okey?

Thank you for reading. Until we meet again on next post!



  1. I'm using photoscape at the moment but as you mentioned the tools are limited. I want to learn how to use Adobe for photo editing as well.


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