DIY pangkin at atuk’s house

February 15, 2018

Yesterday, I made a decision to challenge myself. Lets do something different today. I told myself. So, yesterday was another day, I was so proud of myself and I want to grave the memory here. Why I wrote Too many myself, ain’t? Hahaha. 

My grandfather’s house had so many unused woods. So, I told my mom, it rather to be thrown away why not we made something from it such as Pangkin. So we could place it under pokok rambutan near the house. We could chill and lepak on it during high tea. My mom said, it was a good idea but the problem was no one wanted to do it. And that how it began when I offered myself to make Pangkin by myself.

I can find idea and write m my AH LOVE LETTER on the pangkin while breathing fresh air and enjoying goat chatting with each other at my grandparents’s  yard. What a great idea, aint?

Till then!


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