Shouldn’t that be enough, ain’t?

How I see a picture is different
How I hear a song is different
How I express a feeling is different

I don’t need people to understand me
but that is what I’d always craved for
I don’t want people give their attention
but I can’t lie I need it sometimes

You would not understand me
I am too

I know I am different
I am strange
I am not like an ordinary girl you would’ve met
but I don’t blame you
you are not the only one
who has that thought


I feel it more when I get older
Not externally,
but more internally
and sometime spiritually 

Positive is always me
Optimistic is my soul
That’s a proof why I can keep moving
though the world cruelly against me
I promise to keep moving
I may not know where I am going,
but I am on my way

I trust Him
That’s my faith
Shouldn’t that be enough, ain’t?



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