Depression | A tale of the one who asked for help

Is the thing I am afraid to say
Thing I cannot explain
Thing that become my enemy
yet the thing that so close to me

I have depression for years
Since I was very young
I thought i already free from it
And now it comes back again
I had an attempt to kill myself twice
Years before
But God saved me
He really did

Depression is not the thing you can play a joke
Is not something been developed few minutes ago
Depression is something one person has been holding on long before

I crave for help
yet no one listens
They left me
because I am too weak
I am too fragile
And they don’t like it

I just need a help
To save my life
To save my life

No one listens
They keep asking me to be strong
They keep asking me to holding on
Stop please stop it

Don’t ask me to be strong
Because being strong is the thing I have been doing so long
How can I walk this far if I am not being strong?
How can I smile for years if I am not being strong?
How can I survive with this demon inside my brain if I am not being strong to fight with it for years?

Strong is not a good word for me right now


Yes, I am fragile 
so why you need to make fun of it

I don’t crave for attention
I crave for help

Depression is a disease
like fever
That can come to anyone
regardless what background they have

I may seem to be religious
But that is not a ticket to avoid this disease,
like fever
Did fever didn’t come to religious person?
Did fever didn’t come to happy person?


I am tired
Just too tired
I have no one to talk to
I have no one to lean to
They are all left
because I am too weak
I have a lot of drama for them
I have been their burden

Is okay
I will be okay


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