Misteri barang mekap korea hilang

My family just got back from Korea. My Angah had his graduation ceremony yesterday. So everyone had already been home on friday night included me. I rode bus from skudai to KL just to attend and take part in one of our big event in family. Yea of course my existance is to take a LOTSSS of pictures. Huhuhuhu.

But, this is not my purpose to write today’s post. 

Sooner after I arrived, we usually had “pesta” unpacking bags to sort everythings out the items that my family bought from oversea.

And there one funny incident happened. My sister in law bought comestic products for her collegue and sister. But, she couldn’t find the products. It seemed lost out of sight. Everyone in my family took part to search it, we already unpacked and brought everything out from the luggage but we still couldn’t find it. 

We finally assumed maybe the products were left either in my dad’s appartment at Korea or at immigration office because before departure my dad was called my the immigration officer to variefy certain item that had in his luggage so maybe while my dad opened the bag and varified the products, he accidentally dropped the black plastic that filled with comestic products. We guessed.

When everyone seemed to be ‘redho’ and gave up on searching again, couple minutes passed, my mom went to kitchen to put something. She opened the freezer, then suddenly she saw one big black plastic in freezer near fresh fish. She suddenly 

“Ya Allah, bukan ni ke barang yang dicari-cari? Macam mana barang komestik boleh ada kat tempat beku dalam peti ais ni?”

Everyone confused and silent in a second, we then burst out laugh. So hard. OMG. Whose put this comestic in freezer? 😂


So my advice, if you can’t search your lost item, maybe fridge is the last option you have. Go find them in there 😉


Angah G-Day 😘


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!