Today is 7102017

Yesterday, my parents came to visit me at my university, even though this Thursday, I am going to go back home for midsem holiday, a week. But, Abah gonna flies back to Okpo this Tuesday, so he couldn't get the chance to meet his beautiful and gorgeous daughter because our timing got clashed.

Then, he decided to come to Johor and see his beautiful clingy daughter. Awwww 😝

I don't want to trouble my Abah to come all the way from KL to Johor because it's tiring journey but he very insisted to see me. So, I am just okey, Abah😍

While waiting my parent arrived, I searched for Hotel for us to stay. I never booked hotel before this, usually my Abah will do it for me. But, yesterday, I am being an adult. I booked the hotel all by myself. I said to my friend, 'I felt I am grown-up adult laa' because I found myself currently doing the thing the adult do. Even buying flight ticket and driving from KL to Johor alone also gives me same feeling of being a grown-up adult. Allahu. Am I a grown-up adult? 😨

*feeling determined*

The hotel I booked is nearer to my hostel. They arrived quite late. So, as soon they arrived, we just boomed the hotel's door, get washed and rest our body. And me, looking for food to eat.😝My Abah cooked Arbian dishes and brought it for me. I couldn't say anything, I was touched and blessed and my heart was just about to burst out of its shape. Thank you, Abah! Kakak loves you so much. It's so yummie!

We stayed up until late night. Me, my mom and Pooh, we chatted and watched Bajrangi Bhaijaan together, but my Abah already fell asleep. He was tired.

We had breakfast together in the next morning. We were joking and teasing each other non stop while enjoying our breakfast.

'Today's date is unique. 7102017 when you read forward or backward the date is still the same, right?' - Abah.

We talked about Pooh's examination which is just around the corner. She will be seated for PT3 this monday, insyaAllah. Then, my Ibu came out with KBAT question. She asked Abah,

'I give you a picture of snail and now you have to describe about snail' - Ibu.

Goes all the funny answers. And the most funniest one is,

'Do you know why the siput babi moves so slow?
Because he is confusing either he is siput or he is babi' - Ibu

Nailed it! Hahahaha.

Then, Abah showed the pictures he took during korean festival that held three weeks ago. Then, there got one picture he and his friends took with korean ladies. The picture is funny because my Abah was trying to mimic that korean ladies's style while taking photo.

'Abah, how is the korean ladies's gaya? Show me show me.' - AH

'Like this laa' - Abah.

Then, about 10 o'clock morning, my parents and Pooh left my university and went back to KL. And I continue doing my assignments and trying to find excuses to take a nap 😂

I can't wait to be at home soon. Home is where my family lives.

By the way, please pray for my parent's health ya! May Allah loves and bless my parents always! Please pray for Pooh too!



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