The story of SR and Tj

The one who responsible in exposing me to blogging world is my bestfriend, SR.

I met her when I was in form 3 during my secondary school back in 2010. So, in number I might know her for almost 7 years. But, in reality I only know her less than 2 or 3 years. Because a year later after our friendship started, we have studied separately. She was in MRSM TGB and I was still in the same school. And currently, she studies in Irbid, Jordan and I study in Johor. 

Gratefully, our friendship doesn’t end even after we were away from each other. Alhamdulillah.

Throwing back our time years ago, there were few things that made me so overwhelmed about our memories, something that coloring my teenage journey. We had some weird and a bit nerd 'rituals' when we were around together. But, these kind of 'rituals' truly create our memories so well. 

Do you want to know what is it? (Please make a cute duck face first!)

Hahaha. Okey, let me tell you..

Our favourite hang-out place is MPH midvalley. We usually spent our time in the bookstore at least 3 hours yet we never realized the time had passed. When I thinking back what I was doing during that time, I guessed I only stared at the books and looking around from one row to another row, from one shelf to another shelf. Being surrounded with books, do really make me happy and lost in the island of knowledge😁😂

SR is the same. We sometime losed to each other. Until our tummy gave the sign they needed to be filled with something, then we started looking for each other. HuuHuu.

Book festival is another level. We really loved pesta buka antarabangsa. Books never make us worry about losing our money. Never. I really miss those moment when we went around the hall from one level to another level, frow west to east, north to south until my feet got ‘melecet’, only then we stopped. Hihihi. Well, that is our best moment . Can we do it again, SR?😏

We are the fans of Matluthfi, he is a youtuber. During our time, matluthfi’s video was kind of spirit burner. Its burn our mood to study and push us to think bigger. Yea, because of he studied oversea, we saw him as kind of an outstanding role model for teenage. Lol. By the way, his video is quite good and the content is great. He never failed to make me feel 'perghhhh'.

I liked sleepover at her house. We would chat all night long, talking about our future, our stuffs and our ex-crush. Hahaha. Her room smelled good. I recognized the smell well enough and it just like whenever I smell the same fragrance at anywhere, I will inevitably remember her. Her room also was so tidy and organized. And the most important thing, her mom cooked is so yummy. I couldn't say NO if she asked me to add another scoop of rice. Who's shame? It's your uncle? 😜

Owhyeah, her mom is a lecturer in my university but she teaches at faculty of mechanical engineering which opposite to my faculty.

Huuuuu. We are so close. To me, she is very nice and I would say she is the sweetest girl I’ve met in my life. 

There was one time, she caught in accident. She got burn on her left hand. The fire caught her left hand while she was cleaned up her front yard. It was quiet major injuring. I cried for her, but I didn’t cry in front of her. I wanted she be strong. I felt sorry for her. But, I could do nothing😔

But, she was  (and still) really a strong girl and well-motivated. She moved forward and did not letting the accident broke her down even though that year we will face big examination, PMR. Now, she is fully recover. Its already 6 years passed, but the memories is still remain. I still remember how she struggled wearing the healing glove, how she struggled to avoid from people asking about her hand and the accident and I saw how she struggled to cover the pain and keep on smiling while in front of other people. Oh, dear! You're such a strong and indestructible girl!😎

Two years ago, 2015, when she was back from Jordan for holiday, we'd planned to meet. (KFC Aeon Taman Uni) And along our meeting and chatting, she suddenly said about something that made my heart fluttered. She told me someone had proposed her and want to hand her a marry. At first I definitely didn't agree. I was like 'are you serious?' 'we're still studying' 'why so fast?'. But I couldn't let the words out. I just prayed and hoped for the best and I do really hope Allah will guide her.

Then, last year, 2016. She's finally married. Not with the same guy she'd told me. When she got engaged, she didn't tell me. So I only know about her engagement through her little sister. SR said, she wanted to tell me in person when she was already in Malaysia. Her engagement happened in small and close gathering. She was even not in that gathering because she was still in Jordan, the engagement happened between their family only. It was quick and short occasion. I was quite surprised at first but I couldn't not to feel happy and excited for her engagement. She is my bestfriend, anything makes her happy, will make me happy too😇

It was your time, dear.

This year stated another biggest memories in her life where she delivered a beautiful and healthy caliph in month of ramadhan. As her friend, I was pretty excited, anxious and nervous waiting the news from her. When I knew she already admitted to hospital, I kept updating with her through instagram. I kept asking my Ibu to pray for her. And my Ibu was like 'eh, dia yang nak bersalin kenapa kamu yang macam cacing kepanasan' Yea, I was a bit exaggerated. Because, she is my BESTFRIEND, I couldn't help myself to stay calming because she is far away from me. Lol. Hahaha.

I know it might be tougher for her, when she had an exam just around the corner but the baby was waiting the right time to come out at any minutes. However, she succeeded to go through this critical and adrenaline rush moment.

19062017 Tj was came out to see the world👶

After three months of seeing the world. And auntie AH only saw and update his stories through instagram. He's finally met Auntie AH in person on 15092017. He's cute and adorable. Frankly, I am a bit awkward holding my bestfriend's baby. I adore baby so much, but holding Tj gave a different feeling for myself.

I grew up with his mother, I saw his mother's life progression, her broken down phases and her successful moments. And today, I held something that didn't exist before but now he was breathing in front of me, chuckling, smiling and even holding my fingers. MasyaAllah.

MasyaAllah. I never know what life can be in future. Alhamdulillah for everything Allah make easy for us.

May Allah guide and protect us through this journey with iman.

For my dearest friend, SR, as I always say. Distance never makes us become a stranger as long as we keep our friendship in our du'a and relying onto Allah to protect and make our friendship long last. For seven years to infinity, shall we? Hihihi.

Thank you for being my bestfriend. Thank you for praying the good things for me. Thank you for helping me out during my worst condition and when I was lost in finding the meaning of life. Thank you for always always always listen to my stories. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to have a beautiful friendship in my life with you. Thank you for being such a good inspiration because I've learned some live lessons through your stories. Thank you for always supporting me and providing me wonderful advice since the day one I met you.

Happy Birthday on your 22 year old.
Sanah Helwa, dear.
Keep strong and keep fighting!
Be who you want to be.
Don't let the world define you.
You are the one who can define what kind of world you want to live.
I love you for the sake of Him😍

Your beautiful and thoughtful friend,

PS: She shares the same date with my mom's birthday and that makes it more valuable.


  1. Oh ainiiiii!!!! Thankyou soooo muchhhh.. mengimbau kenangan masa muda.. sangat detail dan kita pun x teringat kesemuanya..masa baca, I was like, "oh aah ek ,oh yang tu", macam baca kisah orang pula, haha ..terima kasih Aini, Allah hantar kamu untuk kita supaya selalu bersyukur.. banyak sangat memori kita en.. sayang Aini ketat2..terima kasih sudi bersahabat dengan kita..malu kita ada org hebat sudi kawan ngan kita ihiks.. semoga dalam lindunganNya selalu, dan semoga berjaya dunia akhirat dan bertemu jodoh yang soleh ... muahh xoxo

  2. Salam singgah sini dan follow :)

    btw, jom join GA saya


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