Sambal Rendang and Sambal Goreng

October 16, 2017

Having a Javanese blood running in my vein doesn't allow me not to learn and master in few 'wajib' recipes, or I am not gonna been acknowledged as part of Javanese's decedent. Seriously!

No, I'm just kidding😝

Before the midsem break, I made a promise to myself I would learn few new recipes from my mom so that if one day I were away from my mom and my throat insists to eat malay food, I don't have to worry to calling mom all the way from oversea to Malaysia just to get the recipes and ya Alhamdulillah. I have learned two recipes. Sambal Rendang and Sambal Goreng.

Sambal Rendang


-Bawang besar
-Bawang putih
-Cili kisar

-masukkan ayam, santan dan bahan kisaran dalam periuk
-masuk air untuk empukkan air
-rebus semua bahan, tambah asam keping, gula melaka dan garam
-masukkan, daun limau purut, ayam dah empuk, siap!

Unfortunately, I had deleted my pictures on my phone TT

Sambal Goreng

-Sayur kacang [diracik]
-Tempe [digoreng]
-Kentang [digoreng]
-mee suhun [direndam]

Tumbuk dalam lesung
-bawang besar
-bawang putih
-ikan bilis
-cili padi

-tumis bahan tumbuk
-masukkan sayur kacang, tempe dan kentang
-kalau nak gelap, boh kicap
-kalau nak lemak, boh santan
-kalau nak biashe-biashe, tak perlu boh kicap atau santan
-masukkan su hun
-semua dah sebati, siap!

I am leaving the recipes here so that I can refer back. I am worried if I blindly remove my folder if I keep in my phone, just like I'm done to this recipe's pictures.

Image result for sambal goreng jawa
Sambal Goreng, this is how it supposed to look like.

But, Sambal Rendang is our family's tradition food. It's different from other rendang out there. No minyak or goreng-goreng. If I cook again, I will share the pictures.


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