Nak naik kete-tapi versi 2017

I still remember the last time I wrote about my cousins insisted to ride a train, it was five years back. And I cannot deny, last Sunday was like a dejavu to me. You can read the story of 5 years back [here]

Ya rabbi, I miss this moment. 

5 years ago was like yesterday. They've grown up. I am too. Sobs sobs. The story goes, I planned to go to Lowyat on Sunday and my little cousin overnight at my house. Because of one of them, having one year added in his age, we planned to celebrate his birthday by taking him jalan-jalan. I take them riding MRT for the first time.

They were astonished. They were excited. I can see from their face.

MasyaAllah. I said to them, this is how we live. See the world! Look! The sky is blue and it is so big. Look! The birds are flying freely. You know to whom they belong?


Huhuhu. Bringing them jalan-jalan was a big lesson for me. Teaching and growing the young generation are not easy nowadays. Too much external challenges. Seeing them exploring the world gave a new spirit, I must hold on to whatever come to my life. Because I have God to be served, I have young generation to inspire. Hmm...

Birthday boy with peace sign. Hope you're growing up well. May Allah guide and protect you always. Be a good slave, a good son and a good caliph. Amin. 

Be a good brother too. Hopefully, you will read this post one-day and thanked me because I keep your childhood memories here. Hehehe.

Kakak AH


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