Malaslah nak study

The moment I feel so lazy to study, everything relates to it, seems so boring and undesirable. Even my eyes can't take a sight to see all those stuffs that relates with studying thingy. Ya Rabb, AH is being lazy, ya Rabb. Help her please.....

I have two tests and one presentation this week. But how can this 'influenza' haunts me at this moment? Yea, lazy is bad 'influenza'. It can kill our dream and our future. Wuargh, I feel bad!!

No new journal read, no progression on traffic light project and no revision at all. So, what have I done during my weekend? Sobs sobs

*reflection mode*

What you've done today, will affect you tomorrow and it absolutely will affect your future. Be serious and be conscious about your future. Don't take things for granted. The one who ruins you life cannot be anyone else but yourself. *burn*

So, lets stop now. I think I already get the mode back.

Please pray for me yea!

Oh, by the way, I want to inform you, the first AH love letter is already done and completely write up. And it will find its owner in no time. InsyaAllah. Whoever hasn't sign-up yet to be one of AH guest and want to get the opportunity to receive AH love letter, please do so as soon as possible. How to sign-up? Just go to AH's instagram and send your name, address and email through DM (direct message). AH will respond as soon as possible. Now, AH already has few beautiful guests and maybe the number will rise soon. Lets be one of them!

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Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!