Journal, Journal and Journal

Being the final year student never give you an excuse to avoid this one thing. It will become your buddy, it will become your partner, it will become a part of your life. So bear with it! We called it - JOURNAL

I want to share about my final year project with you guys. My project is an improvement from the previous student. I called 'Automated Phototherapy Treatment and Detection in Vest'

Basically, my project is about treatment and detection for infants who have jaundice (sakit kuning). Usually, baby who was diagnosed with jaundice would undergoes a phototherapy treatment to cure the illness and decrease the bilirubin level in their blood.

Image result for phototherapy
This is how phototherapy treatment looks like

Babies who have jaundice will admit to hospital and stay in this incubator for certain period. But, this gives some difficulty for the mommies to come and back from their home to the hospital.

So, my project is to propose kind of portable treatment which allow the babies to do the treatment at home. Plus, I will add some innovations so that the mommies know the easy ways to taking care their babies. When I propose this project to be automated, I generally want to highlight this project is not easy. A lot of research and journal, I have to go through.

How to make the detection synchronize with the period treatment- that is the biggest matter on my project. Scary tau.

Please pray for me yea!

Future Engineer X_X


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!