EOS M10 my new buddy

Photography is therapeutic for me. I love capture moment and beautiful scenery. But I never thought of having my personal camera. I don’t really like bring heavy and bulky stuff here and there. I am a bit clumsy, I hate losing my stuff. This is the reason I don’t ever think to have my own camera except the camera I already have on my phone. I prefer something simple and small which I can put easily inside my handbag.

But, recently I made a big decision to have my own camera because of early this year I just know about mirrorless camera. To me, mirrorless camera is kind of mini dslr which is compact but the lens can be changeable, not so bulky and light. I survey and study about mirrorless camera and just recently I decided to buy one for me.😁

Introduce to you my buddy.

Canon EOS M10

Now capturing moments is so much easy for me. It has touch-screen system, the screen can be flip so that I can easily taking selfie, the lens can be changeable, it also has wifi so I can effortlessly transferring my picture and video to my phone, it has the same feature like gopro too, controlling using phone and wide angle feature. And the lens is manually control, like dslr. Fuhh. Sounds great ay? ❤️

I still learn to get used with it. I can’t wait to travel with this new buddy and share with you guys all of my pictures. Hehehe.


Footnote: Just wondered did any of you uses the same camera like mine? Do you mind to share your experience or tips?


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!