Designing a traffic light, again?

Studying electrical-electronic engineering, you cannot run from learning and designing traffic light system. Every year, I will face almost the same project but a lil bit advance as the year increases. Usually, the difference is regarding the system itself.

As for this semester, my capstone project, we had to propose the idea about intelligence traffic light. Oh by the way, if you may want to ask (i hope you ask laa 😝), what it is capstone project. So let me briefly explain, capstone project is a project where you need to produce end-product from audience’s needs, so you have to do survey, interview people, then find the problem. So from the problem you come out with conceptual prototype. From conceptual prototype you will present, be judged and you have to fight on behalf of your product in front of panels and students. So you have to convince them, what is the uniqueness of your product and why your product should be choosen by audience. After that process, you have to come out with the actual end product with some improvement. Fuh. Not so brief ney? 😅

Back to our project, this morning me and my team already presented our conceptual product in front of panels and students. Lets don’t talk about how nervous I was in this morning because every time I have presentation either solo or in group, I would feel, there are thousands of butterflies flying in my stomuch. Huh. Still cannot overcomes this anxiety problem yet 😖

Our intelligence traffic light is something that can help emergency vehicle like ambulance, fire engine and police whenever they got stuck in traffic light jam, which makes difficulty for them to pass the road when there are cars blocked their vehicle. So here our solution, we want to design traffic light system that give priority to all emergency vehicles when they want to pass the traffic light road.

But the biggest question is, how to make its happen? Hmm. We are still on research and discussion.

However, half battle was done. So another half is waiting us ahead. Now our progression is toward the actual end product, the implementation part.. To build an embedded system to be installed in the traffic light is definitely another level of story. Wuargh 😭

Pray for me yea!



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!