Comfort zone

I always have my own comfort zone. Even I try to deny it, but I still have to admit. I have my own comfort zone. And up until now, I still don’t go beyond my comforting zone.

Okey, what is actually comfort zone? 

My definition of comfort zone is a situation or job or task or goal which I can do much better about it but I don’t, due to I don’t want taking risk or getting involve with any problem or I avoid my heart from getting hurt. 

Comfort zone is a barrier between safe life and challenging life. Safe life is something like spoon feeding life where you rely on someone or something to push you out while challenging life is something like being totally independent.

I always thought I can do a lot of things, but thought is just being a thought. No action. For example, I’d planned to do vlogging thingy but up until today, no progression. I’d planned to write and post new entry everyday but I don’t take it seriously.

Comfort zone is an attitude of taking things for granted, waiting opportunity to come and always saying ‘maybe next time’.

Comfort zone is a fear. A fear that lives in our body. A fear that eats our soul. A fear that kills our dream. A fear that draws us back and let us live in humanless body.

I am worried of myself. I am living in my comforting zone. I have no idea. Hmm. I am clueless.

How to get out of here?

Guide me..



  1. Kena paksa diri untuk keluar dari comfort zone, then baru kita tahu kekuatan dan kelemahan diri


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