Bisik Pada Langit

Yesterday night, me and my friends went to cinema to watch Bisik Pada Langit. So, this post gonna be my sincere review because I am not truly movie lover. I am selective and very particular with the movie/drama I would watch because I am imaginative person, I prefer to read a story rather to see the visual action.

Reading a story helps me to grow a character inside my mind, I would choose who gonna be the hero or heroin, what type of physical they've had, what kind of emotion they've played etc etc. So basically, reading a story gives me more impact than watching them playing visually. BUT! Usually, I prefer reading when the material is about a life story or biography or anything related to somebody's life. If the story is kinda of action or something about technology, visual action is better.

Okey, back to Bisik Pada Langit. To me this movie is simple but great. Simple because of the storyline. Great because of I really impress with how they express and manipulate the surrounding to be sync with the storyline. Yeah, the cinematography is beyond expectation. Because it is malay movie, so to get a movie that play with the surrounding in order to give the 'taste', is so rare. Most of our malay movie, playing with cheesy storyline so that people easy to 'terbuai' dan 'terawang-awang', or light storyline so that people don't need to think deeper, it is just to watch and go and etc etc. 

To me, most of our movie is tasteless.

But, Bisik Pada Langit gives me a hope that our 'art' can be improvised in future. We just need a bit more taste. We don't need a fairy tale storyline. Just be who we are. Our daily life, our real life is powerful enough to be elevated as the greatest storyline. No need cheesy storyline like orang kaya terpaksa kahwin dengan orang miskin, then mula2 gaduh pastu menjadi cinta.


Lets change our dimension in our 'art'. Maybe we can tell the real life of our successful people through movie, we can criticize our government via our movie so that they aware (criticize doesn't mean caci maki, criticize means advising to achieve improvement), we can educate our society about some awarenessess that happened in our country and a lot of other things we can do through our art especially movie/drama.

Yah! That's it!

Well done, team Bisik Pada Langit!
I love your movie.
Really love.



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!