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InsyaAllah. I think I want to share something I just read. I found it quite refreshing especially for this moment of mine. (I need all those refreshing reminder TT) It was about Surah Yusuf (chapter 12 in al-quran). I read from Khawatir Quraniyah by Ustaz Amru Khalid.

Basically, in al-Quran, Surah Yusuf has told us about a timeline of Nabi yusuf's life journey, from the very beginning when he was a kid until he became the minister of Egypt. This surah, is the only surah  that telling us a life journey of prophet. Almost complete and particular. And the prophet was Nabi Yusuf. Not any other prophet. So the question is why, he is the chosen one and what is actually Allah wants to tell us?

From this book (refer to Khawatir Quraniyah), it described that Surah Yusuf wasn't telling us about his prophecy but his life as a mankind, human being. Surah Yusuf is actually something Allah wanted to highlight life is never be perfect. It will has flaws, troubles, tests after tests and all. It happened to all people, include all the prophets themselves.

Surah Yusuf told us, life is all about tests, either it is good or not good. If it is good, its tests how we could be humble to the one who gives the goodness and be thankful. If it is not good, its tests how we be able to be patient, keep positive to what He plans for us and probably work even harder.

Furthermore, one thing I found refreshing in this surah is, the fact of Allah sees us not like what human see toward us. Because only Allah can analyze and know what is in our heart. People only see the outside appearance which everybody can sometime fake it. But, not for Allah. Allah sees every tiny layer in our heart and he knows what is the best test for us to endure so that we can be a better person in future.

Always always always remember, tests are not given in our life to make ourselves worse or be in bad condition. Definitely not. Tests are something like wire brush used to remove stains in our heart. It's going hurt in some other way, but for sure your heart will keep clean and healthy during the cleaning state.

Because at last, we want to meet our Lord with clean and beautiful heart.

This surah is not only applicable for ourselves, not only for our practicing in daily life but also to understand other's people life too. If we know some tests are not easy for us, so other people too. We are designed differently in unique ways. If you have ups and downs life, so other people too. Never never never ever judge other's people life, if we don't even have any idea what kind of life they have been through.

You cannot judge, but what you can do is, give helpful advise is needed (if you're able to) but if you can't do, praying is more than enough. Don't talk behind. Don't assuming. DON'T!

Keep improving ourselves and keep doing self betterment. Focus on your lacking and give positive vibes to other. That is how we want to help others people. Islam is beautiful, so are Muslim. If we're still not beautiful, then we need to learn Islam better.

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