Eidul Adha 2017


Alhamdulillah, today was a great day. Because it was quite long time we haven't BBQ session in our family. So today we did qurban in my mom's hometown at Melaka. One cow and one goat. So, the meat we got from korban we made satey and BBQ steaks with kampung version.

It's quite happening and we really enjoy it. I eat A LOT!! Even though this raya abah couldn't manage to back home and celebrate eidul adha with us but we try not to feeling sad and gloomy. We know if we sad, abah would sadder than us. So, we just did everything like he is with us. And I don't want my mom felt the absence of my dad, so what me and my siblings did we just teased each other and made fun of each other until my mom laugh and had no time to be alone.

We started making satey quite late because the qurban started after jumaah prayer. All the gotong royong activity began a lil bit late. But we managed to make everything with full speed of house power. Yayaya.

Presented to you.....
*drum roll *

Lamb satey. Sorry for not so quality pictures. Living without iPhone is a struggle. Hahaha. 

I had fun and enjoyed my day today. Alhamdulillahi ala kulli ni'mah. 

Thinking of the story behind eidul adha, I believe Eidul adha is not just about slaughtering cow goat or whatever. Eidul adha is beyond than that. The story of Nabi Ibrahim AS and Nabi Ismail AS is one of the greatest reminder from Allah to us. Allah taught us about the value of total submission from slaves to his/her Rabb is incredibly amazing. When they had had to do such sacrifice that out of human's normality just for the sake of Rabb, is a solid proof to how their love to Rabbi Alamein is beyond their love to human. No doubt. No hesitation. What Nabi Ibrahim AS and Nabi Ismail AS did, is something related to this ayah below.

They'd already proved to Allah, their love is not just with words and not only in mouth but also with their action.

So how are we?
How about us?
What is our proof to say that we really love Allah?
Every year, repeatedly, the same story have been told to us, aren't?
So how much and how deep the story left to us?

Haven't we slaughtered our ego and worldly attachment of dunia?
And redirect our goal and give total submission of our heart, soul and everything to the only Almighty Allah?

Time to ponder..



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!