Book collection | The Success Factor & The Confidence Factor

Having a little much time before new semester begins, so I am thinking to find new good book to read. I truly believe in order to enrich our mind and attitude, its starts with reading. Reading good book will impact ourselves to be positive and it will grow our mind too.

We are what we feed our mind and our soul. 

Tonight (probably; last night because its already 2.00 am), I went to Popular at Jusco Melaka. Being surrounded by so many books gives me an anxiety feeling sometime, because I can't control myself from touching all books there and spending minimum two hours in the bookstore.

I love books so much (especially the one with old paper smell).

Unfortunately, I am two weeks unemployed daughter, so I didn't have so much savings to spend for new book. The only choice I have, is my devoted banker; (it can't be anyone except my mom). After negotiating with innocent cute face, my mom gave RM70 to spend for the new book. Yas!

'I should use this money wisely'

'If I can find, RM35 ringgit book. I can buy two books. Two is great though'

'But usually good book will cause me more that 45 ringgit'

'I only have 70 ringgit. I couldn't buy two books for 70 ringgit. Not enough money. Should I ask my mom for more?'

'No no. If I can find one book with two things I need inside the book. And the price is lesser than 70 ringgit, I will buy that book.'

I monologued while walking to self-enrichment shelf.

As I thought, so many books to be listed in my wishlist. I need MORE times to figure out and go through roughly all the contents of the books. But, the time is already near to 10.00pm. It's about closing time. Argh, I was so frustrated. WHY this situation happen to me!!! 

So, after making some quick review on few books. I managed to grab one good book. Hopefully, this is the right one for me. 'Allah please choose the right one for me.' Whatever good from His eye, is surely good for me.

2-in-1 special edition. TWO BOOKS IN ONE is SUPER GREAT!. Gladly, I got discount too! Weeehuuu. Good book will beat my crack iphone. *Roll eye to my iphone* Hahaha. Looking forward to share some contents from this book to you guys. I found it quite interesting after reading one page. It has a LOT inspirational quotation and motivational sayings too. So.. till next time!



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!