Another LCD screen break

September 01, 2017

Fuh... knowing that you are now unemployed and waiting for scholarship money to get into your bank account.. is such a loooonnnggg road to walk through.. the struggle is extremely real, dude!

Let me tell you, being an iphone user sometime test you a lot! Why? When you break your screen, the money you have to pay to fix the screen is like you can buy new android phone. Especially, if the iphone is 6s series and above. And can you imagine, I already broke my iphone screen two times in a year! Duhh!

And the struggle is, when I make resolution early of this year, I wont ever ask my parent's money for my personal thing, if I want to buy something out of my needs I have to find the money by my own self or do some savings, but then the intention of making that resolution is being tested throughout the journey T__T

Being independent is not easy. Managing the money is kinda tough too! Nowadays, I have a small note book to record my money in and out of my pocket. I have to do that because I have to know where my money go and how well I spend and manage my money. Being an adult is so tiring and troublesome sometime because you have to organize your life, you have to think a lot before making decision, you have to look forward and know what the risk if you're taking certain decision. And you have to make money for living too. Sobs. *Head down on table*

Am I ready for all of these?

I had come across to this one quote recently, growing older is mandatory but growing up is choice. Maybe some 'real' adult will think I am just 22, nothing to worry about life, I just need to enjoy my young age now. Some people choose not to think what kind of future they would like to live, they don't want to worry about the future. But, for me I choose to think and plan what future I want to live in but at the same time I choose not to worry about it. Because I believe, Allah had written all along my journey since I was born until the day I die, all rizks and blessings. He surely has already made for me.

The thing is how I'm supposed to find His blessing and work toward it.

Back to my LCD screen story, to be honest, I was quite frustrated at first when I faced this problem again. But, after few days, I must admit, from this problem I found a lil blessing.


When I disconnect my life with social media life, I lessen my time for internet. So I spent my time to going out to find some peace outside, I saw physically real people with my own eyes in park and I do physical activities. I saw children running here and there, jumping up and down, laughing out loud with no worries appearing in their face. Yeah, its not that bad living without phone. *smile*

I now appreciate my time living limited time with phone. I will survive another few weeks with this condition. Let see what will happen and how my life will be.


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