Airasia gave me free customade photobook

September 24, 2017

Early august, I got an email from airasia. They suprised me with super early wish for my birthday with the present too. Waahh. So niceeee.

Those who asked me who is the first one wish my birthday, I would declare- airasia. Now, you are my boyfriend. Hahaha.

Basically, I got three options for my birthday gift.

I can only choose one. So, I choose photobook. Because the deadline is pretty late, so I don’t need to rush making decision and choosing nice photo.

Yea, its took me quite a long time to customise my pictures. So, i just manage finish it just now and place my order. Now, I just wait my gift to be seding to my house. I can’t wait. I feel impatient. Hehehe.

So, thank you airasia for the gift!

I will update when the photobook arrive at my house, okey?


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