5 things I miss about Korea

September 06, 2017

Whoever follows me since four years ago would ever know how I am so related with Korea. No no. I wasn't born in Korea. Even though I might have Korean looks because of my slanty eyes (lol), yet I am not. I am malay-chinese mix. Purely mixed. Hahaha.

My father has been working in Korea for almost 4 years. So alhamdulillah, I got the opportunity to go to Korea twice. Not as many as Pooh. (She is the youngest, of course she got extra chances than me *roll eyes *)

First time I went to Korea for a week. The second time for a month.

I never had a dream to ever come to Korea. Honestly Korea is not in my travelist once ago. But after traveling and getting lost in Korea. Korea now, is one of my favorites place that I wish to come all over again. And whenever I miss about Korea, I would either throwback my gallery and look out old pictures or watch korean drama.

There are few things I really miss about Korea:

One. The view from my dad's apartment. It was so calming. The breeze from the seaside was so soft and soothing. I love the atmosphere around my dad's apartment especially on the night. I miss walking alone along the road while licking my baskin robbin ice cream.

Two. Praying in small mussolla. Traveling in non-Islamic county somehow pushed me to be a humble people and learn to be grateful. I had experience praying in open public place where I had to lay my outer coat on floor so that I could perform sujood properly. I felt blessed. At the moment, I truly felt the responsibility of being abid and khalifah is burdened on my shoulder.

Three. Kebab and foods from other countries. During my second time in Korea, I was ordered by my mom to cook my everyday meal by my own self especially whenever I wanted to go out. My mom is strictly ordered me to not easily eat any food outside home unless it's stated the halal certification. So, when I went to Seoul, it was super heaven because in Seoul it was easily to get halal food especially in itaewon.

Four. Public transportation in Korea is tip top! I love traveling in Korea because when I got lost, I didn't have to worry. I can mapped and accessing free wifi almost at every where. And yeah, getting lost and wandering here and there is so like me.

Five. Coffee and cafe. The last thing I damnly miss about Korea is its cafe. Cafe is everywhere. And most of the cafe i'd gone to is freaking elegant and calming. Argh. One of my favorite is Caffe bene. They got bingsu in their menu. 

Here some pictures.
The first picture is the most delicious bingsu I ever eat.
Can't wait to have some more.


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