ZSR's birthday

So I barely talk about my close friend here, not because I don't have one but I don't really like to share my real life to other. As you might noticed (I think no one would notice), most of the thing I posted here is all about my heavy feeling, my crumble thought, my wandered mind. Everything is from what I think and what I feel. 

Not so much about activities I did with the person around me. I do like capture moments and reminisced old memories but I am not sure, it is something good to post it here. Well, I need a private life too. Making everything available in cyber make one life less unique. Just share something that benefit to other is foremost. 

I don't have intention to make the intro quite long like this, but seem I'd already done it. Nay. So back to real topic. Today is my favorite person's birthday.

I met her during my semester one at UTM. She was my aras-mate back then, and insyaAllah will be my roomate soon. We decide to live together for our final year before we move to another stage of life. We have planned so many ridiculous things to do together! And I am so excited to do those things.

We have a lot of chemistry. Even though, our background is quite different, like she is from boarding  school, she studied electrical since secondary, she has two elder sisters, two elder brothers and two younger brothers. She is matured as she grows up from quite large number of family member. She is petite and I always bully her. 

I absolutely am different from her. So to me, we are meant together and our presence is to complete each other. 

For about three years knowing her, we have gone so many ups and downs in our life but seem she is more stronger than I am. I admire her on how she handle all the trials she had faced without no one notice she was enduring the pain alone.

Being with her makes me appreciate my family member a lot. She makes me realize, whoever you are in this world, but if you can't love and respect you family, you are just nothing. Because, they are the person who knows you from the very beginning of your life and will stay as your family till the end of your life. Appreciate them.

Yeah, a lot of things, I admire about her. But today is not the only day I can share about her. Because we promise to be best friend forever so just wait our friendship stories another suitable time. Hopefully. 

For me, choose the right people to be your surrounding is important because they are the reflaction version of you. The right person who can encourage you to be someone better is the motto of friendship. In her, I found my strength and she is the one who worth to keep.

Thank you ZSR for being beautiful friend of mine. I surely gonna tell about you to my grandchildren and tell them  how ridiculous you can be. Seriously.

May Allah grants your wishes and place you at highest jannah. Don't forget about our mission to lose more weight next semester, I guess a lot of work out and diet plan we need to do. So lets hold onto each other and try our best. Hooyeeahhh.

Your future roomate,


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!