when the patient collapsed in front of you

Last monday, I entered OT(operation theater) for the first time in my life. First of all, pre-entering to OT you need to change your cloth to hospital suit (scrubs =scrub suit). So, changing to that suit gives me a heaven feeling which I could not describe. You know what, with that scrubs I can pretend myself being a doctor there. And yea some staffs there did calling me doctor :p somehow I enjoyed that title for now on.

Back to OT first experience, I couldn't deny I felt anxious at first. Because I was informed by my colleague that day we would watching patient undergoes operation for his heart. There was some blockage existed inside his blood vessel (thrombosis) So, I could imagine the 'red' thing would play the main role for that day. Yuiksss.

Before the operation started, we needed to wear lead suit to protect our body from radiation. Because the operation involved with fluoroscopy machine, a x-ray movie machine (in simple words). The machine used to screening patient's body so that the medical officer could see the organ inside the body.

Dr Beni wears lead suit. [source from Dr beni's instagram]
this how OT looks like

I just watched the operation from behind. 30 minutes early, everything was going smoothly. The patient was stable and the atmosphere was calming. I was focusing to what they were working on.

But, suddenly that patient collapsed! His bp (blood pressure) dropped. His ECG reading was not good. When MO (medical officer) called him, he did not respond. Suddenly, the scene I was watching at turned to a drama scene that I'd watched on TV. Everything looked tense and anxious.

'Cepat buat cpr. Cpr pt!.'-specialist beri arahan kat MO.
'Sediakan atropine'-specialist beri arahan lagi.
Tangan dia sedang berselirat dengan wire catheter.
Bacaan ecg pt sangat tak cantik. Bp drop. MO buat cpr kat pt.
One second.
Two second.
Three second.
'Nurse, on kan defibrillator'-specialist bersuara cemas.
Suasana jadi tegang seketika. Semua orang dalam ot nampak cemas.
Selepas beberapa saat kemudian, bp pt back to normal. Temperature stable. Bacaan ecg normal. Pt sedar semula.
"Encik, okey? Ada rasa sakit dada ke?"- MO tanya pada pt.
"Ok, cuma rasa tak larat sikit"-pt.
Semua dalam ot lega. Termasuk aku.

So, that was my first experience in ot. Its really gave me a goosebumps. My heart suddenly skipped beating. I did pray a lot for the safety of patient. And I realized how death is so close to us and it could happen anytime. Allah. I felt so small TT

Alhamdulillahi ala kulli hal especially for the great experience Allah had given to me. I am blessed to be able seeing this miracle. Allah is the greatest. I will remember this moment for the rest of my life. Dr and teams, you did a great job!

Pt- patient
Bp-blood pressure
Ot- operation theater



  1. Pengalaman yang tak mungkin SA atau orang lain rasai..cuma SA pernah temankan mak kat ward..sorang demi sorang patient meninggal depan mata..insaf..


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