Offer me a job

Tomorrow will be my last day practical. After that, I will be free for two weeks before my new semester starts. I am thinking it will be good if I can make some money and gain another experience during these free days. So, I want to offer to people out there who needs help or want to use my service temporarily. Please.. Please.. Please.. let me know and contact me..

What I am good at

  1. Keying data
  2. Writing
  3. Using Microsoft word and excel
  4. Editing Video
  5. Designing banner, logo, poster etc (we can discuss)
  6. Babysitting (last option)

 Okey, why you have to use my service?

  1. You can pay me at any rate (seikhlas hati)
  2. I will complete the task as soon as possible (insyaAllah)
  3. I can do online and offline
How to approach me?
       email me at (

I want to open just few slots so that I can focus and learn thoroughly. Please.. Please.. Offer me some job!

I need money for my travel savings and I need your money to grow my potential ;p

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With hope,


Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!