Internship experience is a bliss

I still remember the first day I came to HUKM for my internship training. It was two months ago. That was the most sweaty day in my life. (You don't know how I was swimming with my own sweat!) I had to run here and there just to find where traffic department and how to get to human resource department and where is on the earth they placed radiology department in such huge hospital.

Not to mention, how many time I got to the wrong place because of people whom I asked for direction gave me such a helpful hints for a noob first-timer person like me (please don't say to me like - Jalan terus then below kiri, if there have a lots of kiri. You need to be specific which kiri did you mean to)

I had to go to different buildings for different purposes and I needed to wait the super slow lift on this earth (maybe it happened when you felt exhausted). And after waiting patiently, then the lift was full. Ergh. 

Why now?

I had to take stairs and only God knows how I am bathing with my own sweats!

Just a little bit.
I monologue.

I keep walking. And try to build up my motivation back. Switching smile with people around me. I needed positive aura.

After settling few documents, I went to radiology department. The place where I was assigned to. I looked for my supervisor to reporting myself. If you ever come to radiology department in HUKM, you will know this department is located at the end of the world. It's so far away!

I wandered around for few minutes, trying to distinguish which one the staff working there. I needed to ask people. Then, I came to a middle aged lady, she is wearing HUKM tags. She might be a staff, I guessed.

AH: Salam, tumpang tanya. Dimana saya nak lapor diri untuk internship trainee?
Lady: Student mana?
Lady: Course apa?
AH: ee engineering
Lady: Kenapa engineering buat praktikal kat hospital? Saya rasa awak tak akan belajar banyak kat sini nanti.
AH: Erk. Owh. yeke

ON MY FIRST DAY of internship training, I got an unpleasant feedback from staff here - where we didn't even have any proper introduction to each other and yet she already predicted what kind of journey I would be walking through. What? I will not learn much?? Seriously? Duhh?

After going such a tiring day from early in the morning until noon, running here and day. This very unmotivated welcomimg greeting somehow, it ruined my day. 

No. It ruined my WHOLE WEEK. I felt down to be honest. How can she gave such prediction to my own journey? How did she know I would not learned much here? I keep questioning her in my own self.

I try to naturalize myself. 

I might be too emotional. 

Maybe she's speechless when knowing future engineer is walking down to the road and passing through the same street as they are. She might be worried about me because I would feel lonely because I would surrounded by different background of people, she might thinking I couldn't adapt with this new atmosphere. Hmm. She cared about me laa.

She was trying being nice and heartwarming.

The whole week, I tried to naturalize myself by saying those words. I just don't want to be drowned with negative thoughts. 

Starting from second week, my journey at HUKM became brighter and amazing. 

And now, I almost finish my journey as practical student. Today, I can deny what the middle aged lady had said to me. She is totally wrong from the very beginning.

I learn so much much much things here. And the most important things, I am not only learn, but I'd created so much memories too. And making new friends is the biggest extra gifts.

Well, dammmpppp. You've wronged!



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!