Don't leave any leftover

If I am getting fat, please blaming my soft spot of not being able to see any leftover. Uhh!

Since I was very young, I am very good at eating. I eat everything (i mean any cuisines that offered to me). I am not picky but easy going about food. I can say, I love eating and love to try everything. If you ask me to do a list likes and unlikes for foods, I would simply say I don't have unlikes list for food.

However, thing gets tough when my age increases. The food I ate didn't turn to energy as much as I was young. My metabolism is getting low. So do you know what it turn to? Yass, it turn to fat and I grow my fat rapidly than I grow my muscles. Its worried me sometime. It really does.

I am frustrated!

Having soft spot for food is becoming disaster sometime. I couldnt see food left untouched on table and being wasted. That is why, whenever I take my food on plate I always make sure myself to take the portion that I need and I able to eat. But, what makes it worse is when everyone around me did not practise what I have practised. So, it turns to, akulah yang terpaksa habiskan makanan diorang.

Eventhough, I'd already feel full. But, because of my soft spot that I cant see the food being throw into dustbin, i just eat their food anyway. I feel empathy. I feel bad to those who could not afford buying or having food for themselves or for their family.

I dont know how to educate people arround me. I seriously don't know the best way to tell them. "Lets eat the portion that we think we able to eat and finish it. Or lets just share our food to avoid any waste happen. Or lets just don't waste what is shouldn't be wasted." Huh.

Its just my thought. Hmm.

A lot of articles, I have read recently did you know how much food being wasted for a day, its bilion kg per day!! its truly hurt me, dude. Because with that amout of waste we can feed so many other people who are struggling to have proper meal in their daily life TT In africa, rohinya, palestine, Syria and even our own county in rural area, they sometime are struggling to eat at proper portion.

I am very clueless how selfish we could be as a human being. We are lacking with common sense. So, people let me tell you... If you couldnt afford to feed other people, if you couldnt have intention to think about other people's life, lets just don't be selfish and wasteful to your own self. Wasting food is really not cool!

Selain membazir itu adalah amalan syaitan, it (pembaziran) also train us to be less thankful to our Lord. Seriously. Lets be a better person-inch by inch. Because our generation civilization is depending on us. How we want to teach and civilize our children if we barely teach and civilize our own self? Get the point?



  1. Me too...
    Very disappointed with our society.

    Even one of my friends buat benda yg sama. Pergi kenduri kawin, ambik banyak lauk. Dah tegur baik2, dan balas nya, " kan makanan free. so, ambik banyak2." at the end, x abis jugak. rasa mcm nk lempang ja -_-


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