Broken people

In this world, I have met a lot of broken people with my own eyes. Some I witnessed from the very start how they got broke, some I saw how they stood up back after certain period from their broken phase.

Some already bear the burden for too long, some just face it few minutes ago just before I started to write this post.

Some get broke by their own trusted people, some get broke because of the expectation people put on her, some get broke because they coudn't meet what other people needs, some get broke because of the result they got were not the same as they expected. Some... hmm..

Everyone has faced broken episode in their life. Everyone has burdened their own problem in daily life. No one would exclude from facing broken heart, even from just a simple thing to a huge thing. Everyone will face.

But, what makes a broken people different from each other is how they encounter the problem and overcome their broken phase- is the matter. That is how they made a difference as a person.

Even the most successful person in this world would face broken period in life. Thomas Edison, the one who discovered the element that is used to light up the bulb faced 999 wrong ways first, before found the right one.

Every problem in this world has the solution. It just the matter of time. And Not Giving Up.

I am one of the heart-broken people who several time stumble on the same circumstances. Being broke by the one I trust to love, is disaster. Hurtful. Distressing. Wounding.

No words can truly describe the feeling of being broke by the person we love.

For sure, the broken part leave deep scars.

It's not only the broken part needs time to heal, but the scars left is one of crucial thing to look after. And the time it takes to truly cure is longer. No guarantee. Sometime, the scars appear not as what people see. Because it is not physical hurt only, but psychological is foremost. 

How I want to tell my brain, the broken part is healed if the brain seem trying being smarter than my body? Huh.

Only broken people will know that scars don't heal easily; it's long and tiring battle.

It is the matter of time to heal; for the broken part and the scars. I believe it will be cured. So, it needs time. 

May Allah helps me through. I know He is the best curer and healer. 

Note to my self: When people hurt you, don't ever have intention to hurt other people. Don't let them feel what you feel. Don't let them bear what you bear. Be kind to everyone because we don't know who is enduring their pain and who is battling with their struggle. The scars doesn't appear as it is. So we don't know what they feel. Be kind to people.



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!