At 3:12 am

I am still wide awake at this hour. My eyes wanted to close by itself but my brain didn't allow it to do so. Whatever he wants it- he wants it. Jeez. 

I sometime have bad insomnia especially during my break down moment. Whenever I felt heartless, I became restless. Somehow. Maybe.

Since my intern roomate already completed her internship period and already went back to her hometown, I sadly am being alone in this room all myself. Nothing to do, no one to talk to. Everything become bitter and boring.

Staring to ceiling, back to phone. Volume up my headphone. Trying so hard to rest my bone. But, nay. I just killing the time which barely don't want to die. Haih. Why so hard meh?

Today, I didn't have proper breakfast, lunch and dinner. I felt so hungry at 11 o'clock. Then decided to take drive and find some real food. At this hour, all cafeteria in hospital already closed. So, no choice. I had to find stall outside the hospital.

I am bad at reading maps. Especially on road like Kuala Lumpur. Not gonna tell you how many time I went to wrong direction and take wrong turn. Hopeless. But, I can't deny with my starvation. Just keep driving.

So, because of some technical problem, I arrived and ordered my food at 12 o'clock. I am dead! Eating heavy food at this hour is just dreadful horrible and terrific!!! 

No wonder you can build fat successfully inside you body instead of muscle, dear... I nagged to myself while munching the food in my mouth.

O Allah,
Please forgive me because of not taking care of my body.
But, I am teribly hungry. I just can't help it.

Thank you Allah,
For helping me out to search good food in this middle of night and in the middle city whom I didn't familiar to. Thank you Allah.

I typing out all these words and took almost an hour to sum up the freaking boring incident that happened in my life. Yah, no one would care what I am typing here. So, whateva!

Owh, by the way. I just found out the movie that I'd waiting since last year already come out at cinema. Ahhh. I want to watch it! I read some review, most of them said the movie was good. Cannot la like this.

So, whoever had watched Battleship Island, please leave you review link down below on my comment box because I want to read it meanwhile waiting for weekend to watch the movie. Thank you in advance.

Goodnight people!



Thank you for leaving kind words. Deeply appreciated. May you have a good day too!