Are you worried?- Sis Aida Azlin

I climbed up my bed at 10.00pm but I still wide awake up until now. It's 2.00 am already! I can't sleep. I didn't take nap since morning but I don't know how my brain and my body can still working at this moment.

So, I just wanna take few minutes to post something good here (while waiting my brain decides to rest).

Yesterday morning (since now is 2.00 am, it's already a new day), my facebook friend shared one video on her timeline. I found its quite interesting and inspiring video. It is a vlog. The vlogger is a lady. She is from singapore. 

After watched the video, I went to her facebook page and found her others videos. Then, I unintentionally watched about four vlogs straight! I was amazed by the way she interpreted, related and discussed the topic she brought up in her vlog.

Unfortunately, I had another thing to do, I couldn't manage to watch all. Sobs. InsyaAllah, I am looking forward to watch another vlog and her upcoming vlog soon. Hopefully can manage to watch it when I have free time.

In her vlog, she mostly talk about self motivation, islamic view, struggle as muslim lady and many other. I like the way she brought the issue and express it with her point of view. I like the open session she holds with other ladies to share their journey among them. I like the way she tadabbur the verse of Quran in her vlog. Ah, she already stole my heart with her humble message.

If I have a chance, I want to join her open session with other inspiring ladies.

Oh, I forgot to tell who is the amazing lady, she is Aida Azlin. You can search her facebook page and watch her vlog. Trust me, you gonna fall in love with her. She is amused.

One of the sharing I remember from her vlog, she talked about worrying. She had to go back to morroco and she said she started to worry because of being away from the people she love is a struggle. So, one of her friend gave some inspiring motivation and the truth of being far away from our comfort zone; family, friends, home and anything. It is tough and struggling. But somehow, she found the reliance between her and Allah became stronger.

In the same vlog, she reminded that Allah already said and promised, He will test us in our daily life (Q2:155) And she added despite of every difficulty we might face, Allah also has promised us three things:

1) He would not test us beyound our capabilities (Q2:286)
2) Every difficulty comes with ease, not after, not before but alongside. So lets just look after the ease.(Q94:6)
3)Whatever happens to us it is always always for the best (Q2:216)

This vlog really give me a heartwarming feeling. I need this reminder everyday. It is not easy to practise Islam in this challenging century. We need supportive system and people who can keep giving advise to each other and remind ourselves the purpose of life.

So, if you want to watch the full video, you can find out on her facebook page. I can't upload here because I update this post using my phone. So, I just leave the link below so that you can be inspired and motivated like me. Hehehe.

[Are you worried]

That's all. Its already 3.00 am. I just plan to take few minutes but it turn out to be an hour. Hahaha. Good night people! Not really night la.


Self reminder: Don't drink coffee before sleep!


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