The reason I choose engineering

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After completing my matriculation level, I had a bit dilemma in choosing what field I wanted to further my study. My mom really wanted me to be a teacher, she said that profession suits for lady. She worried I would follow my dad's step because she had strong instinct I would do so. But, my dad is very natural. He said pursue whatever you want but don't do it halfway.

Even though, I didn't really into with physics but I found chemistry between me and electrical. I realized during my matriculation, I love that chapter very much. All the formula at my fingertip. I also keep all my secondary school notes for electricity chapter and even compiled it neatly (for future used I guessed) but I didn't do it to any other chapters. So, from that, when I filled up UPU online registration, I put electrical as my majoring study.

So, when choosing field at UPU online registration, it had four options for Research University and eight options for non-research university, I put electrical electronic engineering as my first and second choices but at different university. Then biomedical engineering as my third and fourth choices. This application is for Research University. Another eight options, I choosed electrical in science, landscape in architecture and many more. Along the waiting period before the result announced, I did istikharah prayer, hoping for Allah gave what is best for me in the eye of Him. I trust everything Allah decides for me, He knows the best for His slave. 

The result came out and I got the first choice of UPU's application. And guess who was the one felt happy but at the same time felt worried? Yah, my mom. She disbelieved I choosed engineering at last. But, I tried to convince her with so many excuses and finally she gave her blessing for my decision. Yeah!

Honestly, I never have a dream to take engineering as my study, not even my ambition to be an engineer. From my early age, I wanted to be a pilot or maybe an architect because for me that job is super cool. Don't you think so? But... Who knows right? HEHEHE. Well, I believe Allah's plan is much much much better.

Six semesters already completed, another two semesters waiting me ahead. So far, I enjoy being an e&e engineering student. I never thought engineering world is fun (as if you don't have bunch of assignments, late night tests and multiple projects at one time). Especially, when you see how technologies grow in your palm. And your electronic devices being used by diverse people to ease their daily life. The feeling is like a mother gives birth to her child, it's hurt but the feeling is undescribable happy.Its tough but you will feel contented.

Now, I am still struggling to complete my degree in electrical electronic engineering. I hope everyone who reads this post can shoot some duá for my success. Another two semesters to go. I hope I will be able to complete my degree study on time with flying colour. May your duá bounce back to you, insyaAllah.

For my juniors who want to pursue engineering but feeling hesitated to do so, or to those my juniors who already study in engineering but wanting to give up, my advice is whenever you see no way out, Pray to Allah and trust yourself. Don't ever look giving up is an option. Just walk because when Allah allows you to it, He will make you through it. 

Footnote: Sometime you just need to close your eyes and let the wind drives your steps, with a hope the wind is purposely sent from the Almighty all the way to your journey. Hmm... I mean, just keep walking! (if you don't get my metaphor :D)



  1. salam jumaat ainiey..
    yaya singgh blog awk..and follow..
    yg ke=917 dah..hehe.
    slmt bknalan =)


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