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Recently, I just clean up my draft box because of so many unfinished post I lazily to continue. Aku ada masalah untuk sambung menulis post-post yang aku sudah tinggalkan. Tak tahu kenapa habit aku macam ni, aku ada perasaan tidak suka menyentuh benda yang sudah terbiar. Rasa macam menyampah giler tengok kerja yang separuh siap. I just feel like wanting to punch my own face. Grrrr. So, I decided to remove all the leftovers post except few which I plan to post when the right time comes.

So, when scrolling down all my published entries, my eyes startled to one of my post which I wrote it about 3 years ago. [Baca di sini] About my experience when I was in matriculation back in 2013, this post in my early version of the matured Ainiey. If you ever follow me since the beginning of my writing journey, you would see significantly the revolution of me. Seriously! (But, I guess no one would follow me since then. Yea, who cares about you, Ainiey!) *shut down lap top*

Sometime, I would read back all my dummy posts and  I would chuckle to my immatured version of me. How funny I could be! No, it's not funny. It is just dummy me! However, at one point I realize, how fast time flies and now I am growing up and growing older! Yeah since I've already started drinking Anlene to repair my fragile bone, and consumed collagen to maintain elasticity for my baby skin, and only god knows how engineering makes my hair grey. I don't know either this happens because of my age or my shampoo is so bad. So, to all my juniors, you should count this as one of the excuses why you shouldn't take engineering as your life. HAHAHA. No, I am just kidding. Engineering is fantastically fun! Trust me! :D

I am sorry because taking you to another world, back to the real topic, where do we stop? *let me read back my previous paragraph*

The reason I don't delete my old post, is I need it as reference and reminder. Sometime, when I feel down I will read back my old writings. It is somehow give my strength back, lift up my positive thought and drive my step forward. That is why, I like to write positive things because I need it in my negative time. I always repeatedly say to myself every words I write in public, is specifically I dedicate those words directly to myself. Not to other. But, if other people can get benefit from it, I will be thankful.

[This post] is the most viewed post all the time, it reached almost 2000 viewer. Usually, the number rise when the matriculation result came out. Well, I hope this not-so-helping-post, do really initiate the spirit of my young juniors out there to bravely pursue their dreams. Don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done. You don't know how much closer between you and success if you give up now.

Today, I can pat shoulder of my old version of me. Because of she decided to not giving up, I am now at better position which I never could imagine once ago. Alhamdulillahi ' ala kulli nikmah. Hopefully, this current version of me will not disappointed the future version of me. May He guides me and ease my journey.

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